Friday, 6 March 2009

Snowed under again!!! wooooooo

Well Ive been snowed under with work again hence no updates in Jan. new work up soon including logos for punk band One Strike Left, new Drain Records, and new CD for Ben Steed. the Nightvision CD has now been completed and will be available from 6th of April in HMV woooooo Ill be posting the art images on the same day but reports so far are of a very good response and interest from Metal hammer for interviews !!!!

In other news, I have just got a new mac book pro so now I can keep working on business trips to talk about your upcoming work meaning more work and faster turnover for your art!!

Iv also started after (much pestering from friends and colleagues) to progress the photography side of ASYLUMseventy7s design work and now am available for portfolio, band photography and general art shoots.

anyway... work in progress at the moment includes....

Studio Identity for In house studios.
CD art and design for London band Trail.
Banners and additional work for Band iO
Final touches to CD artwork on The Rafters debut album.

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Kaleidoscope Alchemist said...

I can't wait to see what happens with Nightvision's album, I'm gonna pre-order mine soon! Might even get them and you to sign it if you would? ^_^
I'll see you at the release party!

And good luck with the photography! :D