Saturday, 26 December 2009

ho ho ho humbugs

Humbug to one and all this merry year :p

this year I decided to ignore the usual Christmas thing and just have a day off (very very rare for me Im sure youll agree) I ended up working abit anyway but I think id have a brain meltdown if i stopped for longer than a day. anyway I spent my time watching films and eating bacon sandwiches and chili hot pizzas with salami :D :D wooooo best time in years :D :D

work wise got loads of new photos up and more exciting shoots on the way :D one of my faves this year has to have been one of my most recent shoots and deffinitly the one Iv been looking forward to most Helene Atsuko :D :D

anyway best get on, new work for Eibon la Furies coming soon as they have been signed to Code666 and asked me to do the artwork :D :D woooooo

Speak soon


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