Wednesday, 20 January 2010

no title today, I have a lazy head

so, Im sat having a brake and decided to waffle on here for a bit :) lots happining, new shoots and yet another CD added to the list of in production art work at the asylum :) wooooo for music :) got some great shoots that Im really looking forward to :) :) including such great models as... Helene Atsuko again :D :D Sara Lou again :D :D More with Black lotus :D :D and a first shoot with a fave of mine Demari Vi Syth :D :D

new promo pic including my new now fresh cut hair :) which for some strange reason has kept me quite stable and happy(ish) very odd feeling indeed compared to my usual roller coaster emotional manic mayhem, it just doesn't feel like me, but maybe thats part of it.


Also in smile news, I got my first Daily Deviation :D wooooooo, Im not keen on the pic myself and have been planing to take it down but kinda glad I didnt now :) hee hee

Random news, I got 14 boost bars off the vending lady today and a free bacon and egg sandwich off one of the students :D woooooooo for food :D

loads and loads to do so best get back to it, coffee first tho :D

oh yeah and new song underway with the band, " Fortress of the lazer zombies" ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha cant wait to get more lyrics :P

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