Sunday, 13 July 2008

Complete tours at DOWNLOAD 08

Hi all, well this year I had to pass up myusual tickets for download : ( partly due to the work load partly due to memories it would bring back but mainly due to the offspring headlining!!! not Judas Priest!! what a con!

any way my artwork was preasent back stage for the 4th year running : ) this time with Complete Tours ( )

check it..


also Ive been doing some more work for digilab/secret society man Thom Tronic


coming soon some more CD artwork!!! yay!!! this time for Black metal burning enthusiasts "Plaguesfire" and the final touches are beeing put to the eagerly awaited album by Tripswitch!!! some nice new merch as well : ) Im really enjoying these ones : ) cant wait to get them up for all to see : )

take it easy


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