Saturday, 9 August 2008

Plaguesfire and Pitchshifter!!

well its all go again : ) the artwork is finally done with for the new Plaguesfire album "the burnt Church Cronicals" check it out here!!!

the Tripswitch album is also done Im just awaiting the release date for some posters!!! then Ill be showing that one off!! : ) cant wait!!!

also browsing away I noticed that Pitchshifter have resurected a logo I was commitioned for in 2006 and they are now using it on the posters for Damnation fest!!!! (I need to get to this by the way!!!! CARCASS!!!!! are headlining!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! anyway back to the art... this is the logo (the bloody one!!)

anyway back to work!

oh yeah Ive finally got my new mac on order!!!24"screen!! : ) cant wait!!!!

back soon


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