Saturday, 25 October 2008


well no update for a while so I guess you know that means I have lots to tell and lots to show you starting with the long awaited album from UK metalers Tripswitch!!! titled "until"

Logo for Black metal giants Eibon La Furies

A new logo for Dance/jungle/hip hop record lable Global Plan

New up and comers The Rafters also are using the services of Asylumseventy7 and have just released there new logo (ep to follow soon!!! watch this space for the art work!!!)

New Promo Company born from the ashes of Inferno promotions also have a new logo by myself at asylumseventy7

more work to follow for The Rafters, R'n'R Promotions, Safehouse Massacre and live dance band iO!!

wooooooo time for coffee!!!!! :D

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