Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Mr ASYLUM and the Plan!

Very scary title I know and youll all be reading on the edge of your seats Im sure as I tell you all about the weird and wonderful world of art, photography, design and film my little story will weave today but along the way ill show you some lovely new art Ive been working on, some great shoots and fantastic models Ive been working with this month as well as the plans for future world domination,(hmmm well maybe ill keep those plans secret for a bit but there is a plan in progress just not quite got to the world domination part as yet)

loads and loads to tell really but Ill try and narrow it down to the best bits :). First up the ATOM project is now completed for Access to Music colleges up and down the country and the full Logo ID is out and infecting your heads as well speak (well Ok as I write and you read) I'm very glad to have been part of this project and I'm looking forward the new briefs I'm getting including a T-shirt revamp and various posters and flier designs :D

The new album from Eibon La Furies 'Blood of the Realm' is now 100% complete and due for release on 21/06/2010 :) you can pre order your copy from now!!! art work to be released for public view soon :D

I have a new photography project on the go at the moment and its going very well with a great response. so far Ive shot Nicholas Dishington , Rozzie Williams , John Mcintire and the lovely Kitten of Pirate Photography

some other new shots Im very happy with are from a recent shoot involving Crimson Raine, Nitrogene and Midnattsol.

On with the plan *crashes of thunder* well Im keeping it secret so nerrrr :p ha ha more updates soon and hope to get time to revamp my website, twitter and myspace as well at somepoint over the coming month. also Im developing a new PDF portfolio and bio/CV so if your interested or know someone interested in working with, promoting and generally getting committed to creativity then send them my way and drop me a line :D

take it easy


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